Shorter to spell and easier to pronounce, Holly is the shortened name of founder, Bill Hollibaugh.
The solar in Holly Solar, refers to solar water heating, now recognized as DHW or domestic hot water.

Holly Solar Products was started in 1974 with the introduction of the Holly Hydro Heater.

The Holly Hydro was a stainless steel water jacket that heated water in wood burning cook stoves.
After its 25 years of production, the Holly can still be found in operation within many sustainable homes.

In the seventies, Bill led workshops in Philo, California, titled: Country Skills for Urban Dwellers.
In these college courses, he taught the fundamentals of survival and sustainability through conservation.

In the eighties, Bill was a frequent guest of Owen Span, on San Francisco’s AM talk radio station, KGO.
The segment featured low tech methods in reducing grid reliance earning Bill the name: Mr. Wilderness.

As technological developments in alternative energy surfaced, Bill began exploring solar photovoltaics.
During the mid-eighties, Holly designed and manufactured OEM products for alternative energy startups.

Started in the late-eighties, Suntronics, the solid state control division of Holly Solar; manufactured by hand
solar panels, controllers, volt meters and low voltage lighting for the RV, marine and renewable industries.

In the mid-nineties and with the discovery of the first blue LED (by Japan’s: Nichia Corporation); motivated
Bill Hollibaugh and Holly Solar Products to evolve once again -our current focus: solid state lighting design.

To this day, Holly Solar Products + Suntronics had remained successful through innovation.

Bill Hollibaugh is an artist, designer, survivalist and inventor. With a hands on approach and inspired as an
apprentice of R. Buckminster Fuller, Bill designs and develops renewable solutions for a sustainable future.

With a BA in Fine Arts, a Lifetime Teaching Credential from California College of Arts and with skills from
cooking to engineering, Bill Hollibaugh is a definitive example of modern day craftsman and entrepreneur.