The Sunspot series was designed as an LED security spotlight for outdoor/extreme environments.
Sealed within a positionable rubber head lies a prismatic reflector, providing a strong ring of illumination.
The Sunspot is adjustable to 180 degrees via stainless steel bracket, mounting to an aluminum base plate.

LED configuration:

LED type/package: 5mm through-hole or surface mount (custom)
LED count/configuration: 12, 18, 24 and 36 LEDs in circular configurations

LED type:

LED: 5mm, through-hole (low-power)
Output/efficiency: 2-4 lumens, 15-20lm/W (warm and cool white)
Directivity: 15/20 degrees
LED color options: warm and cool white (defaults)
Color temperature: warm white (2500-3175K) and cool white (4600-5600K) (defaults)
Custom LED color options: Red, green, blue, infrared and ultraviolet (minimum quantity required)


Enclosure: 7 high x 5 wide x 4 depth
Materials: Rubber housing, plastic lens, stainless steel u bracket and black powder coated, aluminum base plate
Lens: plastic prismatic
Wiring/connection: 18 gauge, 2 conductor, water resistant SJ002 rated, input: white + black -
Mounting: 4 inch diameter base plate with 2, .125 inch mounting holes

Electrical: low voltage 12 or 24vdc, 110/220vac capable via low voltage power supply


Sunspot model(s): 12, 18, 24 and 36 LEDs
Lumens: Measured from 3’, using 15/20 degree, cool white, 5mm LED(s) with plastic prismatic lens
Consumption: rated in milliamps/amps and translated to watts using a stable, 12vdc source


Model & LED count: Product model and LED count per model
Lumens: Intensity measured from 36 inches, using 15/20 degree, cool white LEDs
Lumens per watt (lm/W): Efficiency or ratio of light intensity to power; measured in watts
Consumption: Rated in milliamps/amps and translated to watts using a stable voltage source

Sunspot with 6-36 LEDs:

12 LED Sunspot: 65 lumens, .120mA or 1.44 watts
18 LED Sunspot: 100 lumens, .180mA or 2.16 watts
24 LED Sunspot: 130 lumens, .240mA or 2.88 watts
36 LED Sunspot: 200 lumens, .360mA or 4.32 watts

Sunspot pricing:

12 LED Sunspot: $48.00/$42.00
18 LED Sunspot: $72.00/$63.00
24 LED Sunspot: $96.00/$84.00
36 LED Sunspot: $144.00/$126.00

Sunspot product code: Sunspot model - LED count - LED color - Operating voltage
Ordering example: Sunspot - 18 LEDs - cool white - 12vdc

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