Outhouse fan

The outhouse fan is designed for those natural situations where air circulation is mandatory.
With a low profile, plastic housing and brush-less dc fan, the outhouse fan is quiet in operation.
Intended to mount outdoors, the outhouse fan is protected by bug screen and galvanized rain hat.

Integrate a 5 watt solar panel (not included) for a truly autonomous, utility free ventilation system.


Enclosure: 8 inch fan diameter by 8 inch height
Materials: Black PVC, plastic screen, aluminum bracket and galvanized hood (subject to change)


Hookup: Power input red (+) black (-)
Wiring: 22 gauge, 2 conductors, PVC rated
Feed/input length: 8 inches
Mounting: 4 inch diameter, PVC pipe

Electrical: low voltage 12 or 24vdc, 110/220vac capable via low voltage power supply


*Cubic feet per minute or CFM: 120 CFM at 12vdc
Input voltage: low voltage 12vdc, 110/220vac capable via low voltage power supply
Current capabilities/range: .200-300mA/2.4-3.6watts at 12-12.5vdc

*To reduce noise, consider a smaller solar panel to decrease fan speed.



1-10 units:

10+ units:


Product code: OH (outhouse fan)
Ordering example: Outhouse fan

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