Provide utility free, autonomous, low voltage air circulation for your attic, garage, greenhouse or workspace.
The attic fan housing is manufactured by hand in the US; constructed of powder coated, carbon steel.
For indoor use, the attic fan mounts securely to gables or vents by use of four screw ports.

Integrate a 10 or 20 watt solar panel (not included) for an automated, maintenance free ventilation system.


Enclosure: 12 or 16 inch diameter by 6 inch height
Materials: black or white powder coated, carbon steel (subject to change without notice)


Hookup: Power input white (+) black (-)
Wiring: 22 gauge, 2 conductors, PVC rated
Feed/input length: 8 inches
Mounting: Flush to cross members, truss or gable via 4, .25 inch mounting washers
Note: The 12 or 16 inch fan can operate in both horizontal or vertical mounting positions

Electrical: low voltage 12 or 24vdc, 110/220vac capable via low voltage power supply
Note: The 12 or 16 inch fan can operate in forward/reverse by switching polarity; fuse is recommended


*Cubic feet per minute or CFM: refer to our chart for information
Operating parameters: low voltage 12 or 24vdc
Current capabilities/range: refer to our chart for information

Please call for pricing.