Who is Holly Solar Products + Suntronics?:

Holly Solar is one of the longest operating, US manufacturers of renewable energy equipment.
Suntronics, our control division, manufactures solid state controllers for LED and solar applications.
We are specialists in solid state, LED lighting design and renewable manufacturing.

What does Holly Solar do?:

Holly Solar designs and manufactures low voltage control, LED lighting and cooling products.
We offer affordable consultation, comprehensive design and prototyping services.
Each product we manufacturer can be thoroughly modified to suit your application.

Who has Holly Solar worked with?:

We operate on an open platform and encourage feedback from our customers.
We take pride in our capabilities and within our wide range of diversified clientele.
Mission critical industries rely on us to design solid state solutions for unique applications.

What is solid state and SSL?:

Solid state refers to electrical components that operate without moving parts.
SSL or solid state lighting, refers to devices that generate light without a fragile filament.
LEDs are discreet, resilient, have superior life, generate little heat and save energy.

How can I purchase from Holly Solar?:

We offer direct purchasing and quantity structured pricing on all our products.
Due to the continual enhancement of our products we do not offer online ordering.
Contact us with pricing inquiries, orders and/or requests for quotation.